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Sheri Baity Predator Series 


double_dog_2.JPG  “Double Dawg Dare-Ya” is an amazing wooden call that can produce a multitude of coyote vocalizations. Using it in the closed reed position, you can produce deep tone coyote barks, howls and growls. Twist the top off and you can produce Female Estrus Chirps, wounded coyote yelps and more howling. 


“Casino Crow” wooden call communicates well with the crows. With it’s bite plate, tones can be changed up while “Cawing” and producing the “Feeding Frenzy.” It is one of my definite calls to have in my bag of tricks while calling coyotes.


Whalin Wabbit” wooden call produces deep, rough and raspy tones while portraying a dying rabbit. This call may be small, but there is nothing small about carrying the Rabbit Blues throughout the fields or woods. It will grab the attention of any predator.

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